Is it Really Necessary for a Solicitor to Write my Will?


Over half of the adult population do not have a Will in place leaving their final wishes in the hands of the Governments Intestacy Rules.

There are many cheap Will writing options available today in the form of Will writing kits and online versions but are these suffice in dealing with your wishes?

Some of the mistakes people make too often when writing their own final wishes are:

  • Forgetting to appoint executors to deal with the administration of their estate and make sure final wishes are carried out.
  • Not dealing with all of their assets. They make mention of the house/cars/jewellery etc and fail to mention other assets or financial policies.
  • Referring to specific assets which might change by the time they have died
  • Not getting the Will signed and witnessed properly. To be valid in the United Kingdom, the Will must be signed in the presence of two independent witnesses, who must both be present when the testator signs. The witnesses then sign in the testator’s presence.
  • Making amendments to the Will after it has been signed and witnessed.
  • Losing the Will.
  • Failing to write a Letter of Wishes.

Critically using a Solicitor means you will get the right advice based on questions the Solicitor will ask you.

This includes advice on Inheritance Tax, severing a tenancy, making sure family are looked after, making sure home or medical care is accounted for if necessary, funeral arrangements and much more.

Many people have complicated family arrangements now, second (or third) marriages, stepchildren and/or adopted children. Wills for these circumstances can take time to get right, and require skilled legal knowledge.

Spending more and having a qualified legal professional write your wishes can ultimately save much more financially down the line if the Will is contested.

If your car was broken you would take it to a mechanic to fix, if you had a leak, you would call out a plumber – professionals who know their trade.

For a Will – use a qualified Solicitor!

For a no-obligation chat about your circumstances, contact our Wills and Probate team today.

For further information about the importance of writing a will, visit our dedicated Wills and Probate page.

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