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You’ve done all the leg work, you’ve found the perfect home to settle down in, it’s essential now that you get the first week right, we are going to summarise the essential checklist when it comes to moving into your new home.

Moving house is a big transition in life and with it comes a certain level of uncertainty. Cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and lots of newspaper is what you will be accustomed to when moving house. Ask anyone who has moved before and you will always misplace (lose) something, It’s a chaotic time and there will be times when you feel helpless, however, we are going to run down everything that will ensure you have a smooth moving in day.

Six weeks before you move in is a good time to begin transitioning all your bills, insurance and post to your new address, it is also the chance to notify your landlord if you are in rented accommodation your estimated move date. Start getting removal quotes too.

Four weeks before, start going through things and having a sort out. There are bound to be things you have been meaning to get rid of for years. Go through wardrobes/loft etc and start a charity bag. Start packing the non-essentials such as books and pictures.

Three weeks before talking to your solicitor about completion dates that work for you.

Two weeks before the big day start the process of packing the rest of your items for moving day. Now would be the perfect time to notify the bank of any changes to your direct debits and standing orders.

Now is also about the time to confirm completion dates with your solicitor and ask them to check with all other solicitors in the chain so everyone is working to the same date.

The stress factor will be ramping up now as you approach the big day.

Mark boxes clearly and puts them in the relevant rooms the other end.

Food is often overlooked so take some basic food items such as breakfast cereals, bread, spreads and tableware separately with you to your new home if that is feasible.

When moving it’s essential to not get overwhelmed, moving is an ongoing process. If a few days into packing/unpacking you need to take some time out to just take stock of the situation then do that.

Like anything, it’s important to have a plan, so we’ve made the essential Moving Home Checklist with a handy tick box feature so you can keep track of what you have done.

Good luck!

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