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Regulatory Advice

There are a great number of investors who placed their trust in their professional advisers and who now face significant financial difficulties.

Having relied upon the advice of financial or tax advisers, individuals who could be facing financial ruin have the ability to seek compensation for any unexpected tax liabilities from those advisers. The compensation will usually be met by that adviser’s professional indemnity insurance.

Time is of the essence here and therefore it is essential that individuals act as quickly as possible and before their potential claims turn out to be time barred. Once the time limitation period has passed, the individual will not be able to seek compensation for their losses.

Further, it is crucial for individuals to alert their advisers of their claim at the earliest possible occasion to avoid losing the ability to claim against the professional indemnity insurance.

There are also still some options open to individuals where the advisory firm is no longer trading.

At The Law Practice (UK) LTD, our regulatory team provides access to unparalleled specialist knowledge for individuals and companies. Our comprehensive knowledge of the financial services regulatory industry means that we are aware of the regulations under which regulated firms function and the laws in which they operate.

Investment & Regulatory Advice - The Law Practice

Areas We Advise On

  • Pension products such as pension transfers and pension liberation.
  • Enterprise zones, technology partnerships, GAAP schemes and BPRA.
  • Failed investment structures such as offshore bonds.
  • Investment products such as traded endowment policies.
  • Complex banking products such as interest rate hedging products (IRHP).
  • Discounted gift schemes.

We also understand and can help with more bespoke investments, such as structured products.

Our team works with investors and companies to determine what, if any, failings occurred in respect of the advice they received, the way the investment operated or how it performed in relation to expectations.

Following on from this, our Regulatory Team can then assist both investors and advisers in mitigating their exposure to any professional negligence, and where required to pursue remedies. At our core, we aim to help return investors to the position they would have been in but for the professional negligence they encountered. We hope to achieve some degree of closure for what will have been for most of our clients, difficult life changing experiences.

Expert Product Knowledge

Unregulated collective investment schemes (UCIS)

The Financial Conduct Authority regard UCIS as being so high risk that there are stringent regulations stating which category of clients can be promoted and recommended such investments. In most cases, the majority of individuals do not fall into that category.

We have represented many individuals who have found themselves exposed to this type of scheme, often naïve of what they were being promoted or recommended. We have successfully recovered compensation for such individuals.

Film Partnerships

We currently represent individuals who have invested in many of the high-profile film partnerships including Eclipse, Ingenious and Icebreaker amid many others.

HMRC’s success in the courts reflects the transformation in attitude towards film partnerships and establishes the disastrous financial exposure which individuals now have to tackle.

Carbon Trading Partnerships (CTPS)

The Law Practise’ Regulatory Team has extensive experience in representing individuals to whom these carbon trading schemes were recommended. CTPS provided investors with an opportunity to participate in an innovative and potentially lucrative area whilst being part of an action contributing towards climate change. In turn, the individuals would benefit from generous tax benefits available for investment into these type of schemes. A vast majority of the Carbon Trading schemes were UCIS and as such were extremely high-risk investments that were only suitable for a very specific category of investors.

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